Lag B’Omer

Yayyy Lag B’Omer. While the streets of every major city, and every town in Israel, may be full of bonfires and music…

here at college we are studying for finals. No Lag B’Omer celebrations here 😥

I was really excited about Lag B’Omer because I am the type of person that can’t walk to the car without my iPod. I realize this isn’t a good thing. That’s not to mention that a nice BT girl in Monsey told me that iPods aren’t tznius. Nothing seems to be really tznius especially when in college. 

My friends and I threw a dance party with 3 attendees. Because know one else kept the sefira, nobody was as excited about finally hearing real music as we were. They have to study after all. 

Isn’t this exciting? Come on! Now we can listen to Shwekey  and Yeshiva Boys Choir instead of just Six13 and A.k.a.pella! Oh, the excitement!
Ok. Maybe we listen to other music every once in a while. But Ma Ma Ma was definitely one of the first songs we heard.


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