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A Day of Rest in the City that Never Sleeps

May 24, 2009

Sometimes for Shabbos I go to Monsey where everybody is frum except for the Hispanic cleaning ladies. Sometimes I stay other places, where I see a lot of cars on Shabbos. But this was my first Shabbos is Gashmius City, I mean Manhattan.

First I was walking through part of Gashmius City to get to where I’m going for Shabbos dinner. A man walks up to me and my friends and says,

“Hey are you ladies Jewish? I want to marry a Jewish lady, ya’ll so beautiful!”
We just smiled nervously and walk away. I mean what do you say?

We had Shabbos dinner and I must say it was absolutely beautiful with an amazing family. But then we had to walk back.

Walking back we pass a million nightclubs with half-naked people outside, blasting music, and even “adult” stores. Then a man walks up to us and tells us that we should wear shorter skirts because we would better that way. Besides wanting to burst out crying, I was mortified.

It was a beautiful Shabbos all together and I want to emphasize that,

but walking through this reminds me that we are in Gallus. I know that most of the people in the clubs were Jewish. I felt so dirty leaving a beautiful home and entering the streets with all kinds of Idontwanttoknowwhat going on. 

How do those sorts of things exist in the same city? Even the same world?

How can the same beings (people that is) do such  chesed and have such beautiful families and a block away people are shooting up the park? Ew ew ew.

So in conclusion we should all move to Israel. The end.


Old Friends

May 19, 2009

Yesterday was the first time I have seen my friends from home in a long time (I became frum at college). It was supposed to just be three girls so I could ease into the super relig thing. Instead it was three girls and three of my guy friends. I knew about one of the guys about 2 hours before so I sent him a text. Granted not the best idea but Im bad at this. Anyway I told him that I dont hug boys anymore and its not that big of a deal but I just didnt want it to be awkward. I had planned on just not hugging any of them as to not make it as obvious but when they showed up the three girls came up first and put out their arms. When the boys tried to say Hi to me and tell me that my house was nice I just shruged, turned around, and said yes. Oh and they all noticed. Whoops. Anyway the rest of the night went ok, exsept for the pact to go to Las Vegas when we are all 21. I said I would be the chaperone. It only became awkward when it was time to go. I said goodbye to everyone and then the boy who I orgininally told about the shomer thing came up next to me to ask if we could side bump instead. I kindof gave a weirded out scared look and then I felt bad. On the lighter side, I am still friends with the six of them so I guess that is good.

Oh my life