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How are you?

June 17, 2009

Frum people don’t believe in responding to this question with an answer of how they actually are. All they will say is “Baruch Hashem”.
I think it is a specific custom among newly BT people, even if they are talking to a secular person they will say “Baruch Hashem”. You are allowed to say “Thank G-d” instead in case you didn’t know.

Here are a few explanations I have gotten when asking why people don’t answer the question:

-We have the concept of Gam Ze L’Tova (all for the good) so even if our day doesn’t seem so great, it really is, and besides its a gift from Hashem. We shouldn’t go around complaining obviously. If we are having a “bad day” we should not answer “Bad, Baruch Hashem” and we can’t leave Hashem out of the picture!!!

-“How are you” in the Frum world is like wassup in the secular world. I don’t really want to know wassup. I’m just saying it as a greeting. People say “What’s up?” then smile and keep walking. Nobody tells you what’s actually up. How are you is the same way. People aren’t asking how you are… they are just saying hello.

I am kicking both of these reasons out and think when someone asks you how you are you should answer.

Here is a solution to both those qualms : just say “Good, baruch HaShem” or “Good, thank G-d.” Becuase no matter how you are it’s good, ultimately.
This solves the second qualm too because nobody has to respond to your extra word. It takes no time to say.

Personally, I only ask how you are if I actually want to know.