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Kiddush Hashem

May 19, 2009

Today  I sold a textbook back to the book store for $68.50.  When I went to get my money back, the lady only gave me $68.00. Who cares right? Well frankly I have always been a little cheap and I’m really poor, so .50 can add up. But then I realized this was a non-Jewish lady (I think) and I was wearing my Magen David necklace.

I thought about it for a while…This school has so many Jewish people! It’s maybe 30% Jewish, but the Jews tend to be the most active and loud and everyone knows who they are and that they are Jewish. And most of them are ridiculous. 

Jewish people don’t know how much we are watched. When you pay for something and ask for your penny back, they see it as “a cheap Jew” not a “cheap person”. They don’t do this with really anyone else. 

When a Jew commits a crime, everyone knows what religion they are. With a few exceptions (think Mormon ranches in Texas), you rarely see an add that says

Religious Christian robs an old lady.           

Why not? Because people are WATCHING US.

Jews are held to a higher standard. That’s the way it should be. We are special and everyone knows it. 

Where I am from there are no Jews…people know about the criminals, Madonna, and Israel. If you ever meet someone from a nonJewish area it is especially important to make a kiddush Hashem.

This is also especially important on a college campus, where there are only a few of us in skirts or kippas (not and 🙂 ) . People now “those people say they try to live like jews are supposed to live. lets see what they do.”

If they see us curse, gossip, walk around stoned, be rude…etc. They judge all Jews on this.

This has been coming up a lot in my life lately being at COLLEGE….so I thought I would try to get some feedback on it.

Why are Jews held to such a high standard? Obviously religious Jews think we should be, but the nonJews around the world don’t know this…