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May 18, 2009

So this is to add on to the “mom” post. My mother is in a Judaic needle work club and she went to a convention on Sunday instead of helping me move into my apartment in Boston. So there are a few religious people in the club and she knows I like to ask about them. While at the convention she decided to call me. Of course, I asked about it and she starts telling me how there is a frumĀ (now she knows what that word means) woman there that she is trying to talk to. She adds that we was talking to this woman who is a canter and wants to set up a Shidduch between me and her son. My response was, “Mom, she is a female canter, NOT ORTHODOX. I’m not going to marry him” and her response was “Well he’s cute”. OK so my mother only wants me to date non Othodox jews, oh and not marry them.

Oh my life